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It’s about more than happiness

Well-being is woven throughout the core of the Good Samaritan Society. Your giving can thoughtfully support key areas that contribute to well-being of residents and clients.        

When you hear us use this word, envision an aging experience that leaves you feeling loved, valued and at peace. Included. Visible.

Today's seniors face the challenges of isolation, declining health, housing, nutrition, finances and caregiving.

How do you want to age?

It's time to prove there is a better way. 

What could a better way to age look like? You can help find the answers to that question. Your involvement in this movement is critical. Together, we can set in motion a movement that will be ready to continue to answer this important question not only for the next aging generation, but for many generations to come.

Together we can help the entire country see what is possible when change is driven by the right combination of values and forward-thinking, heart and technology, faith and intelligence.

  • Help those who help others.

    Society employees – nearly 22,000 men and women strong — are on the front lines of transforming the aging experience. Well-trained employees are in short supply all over the country. Yet they are critical for

    • Restoring well-being.
    • Reducing the risk of going back to the hospital.
    • Running the systems that keep your loved ones well.

    By making a gift to the scholarship funds, you help attract and keep these vital employees.

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  • Invest in our communities.

    • People are looking for more than a place to live as they age; they’re looking for ways to connect — for interesting things to take part in and contribute to in a caring, inclusive community.
    • Regardless of the reason, the older you get, the less you find yourself included in community life. This is a loss for both seniors and communities.
    • With more than 200 locations across the country, the Society is well-positioned to invest in these local communities and touch a large portion of the senior population.

    By helping seniors find purpose and well-being wherever they call home, you are making the community a stronger, more vibrant place. With your support, new ways of living and new concepts of community can revolutionize what it means to grow old.

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  • Think innovatively.

    Aging Americans face loneliness and isolation at epidemic proportions.

    • Chronic health problems, inclement weather, lack of transportation and a host of other issues make it very difficult for seniors to have the connections to others that they used to.
    • One in three people 65 and older live alone.
    • Senior isolation is linked to four or more times the risk for hospitalization and a 45 percent higher risk of death.

    No one thrives alone. Kin Ministry is the evolution of the Good Samaritan Foundation’s innovative work and is proving effective in helping churches end isolation and loneliness within their communities.

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  • Provide benevolent care.

    • The average income from Social Security of people age 65 and older is only $1,500 per month, with 23 million seniors living in poverty.
    • Imagine what it is like to not be able to afford food or a place to live as you grow older. Too often, paying for housing means going without food, medication, or transportation.
    • In the name of keeping costs down, the aging experience loses the very things that contribute to well-being.

    There shouldn’t be a gap between thriving and surviving. With your gift, we can do better. Meeting these needs requires new resources grounded in values recognizing that "In Christ’s Love, Everyone Is Someone."

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Let's work together.

You want to change how America sees and thinks about aging. We do too. We believe in a better and different future for all of us as we age – a future full of meaningful opportunities and experiences. A future where through the Society’s mission we can help more seniors and families to feel loved, valued and at peace.

The Good Samaritan Foundation provides direct support to the Good Samaritan Society. If you want to transform the aging experience in America, join us.